Does Using Social Media Lead To Divorce?

Nationwide Legal Investigations, a California private investigation firm, appeared on Wednesday, May 20, 2015, on the cable television show AMERICA TRENDS with Dr. Gina Loudon, reporting on new research showing married couples aged 18 to 39 who use social media are twice as likely to be contemplating divorce.

Our investigators use social media to unmask cheating behavior. A study done by Boston University shows that married couples aged 18 to 39 who use social media are 32 percent more likely to think about leaving their spouse than similar married couples who do not use social media. The Boston University study shows non-social network users are 11.4 percent happier with their marriage than heavy social media users. And heavy social media users were 32 percent more likely to think about leaving their spouse, compared with 16 percent for non-users.

These results track with our experience and give our investigators a clear path to identifying and documenting high-risk pre-divorce behavior. The Boston University study confirms our investigative experience. Heavy social media users enlarge their circle of friends, seek out old flames, and hook back up with hometown, high school and college social circles. This behavior gives investigators with many examples of both flirting and outright infidelity.”

The Boston University data show that a state with a 20 percent increase in Facebook users shows a 2.18 percent growth in the divorce rate. This does not necessarily mean Facebook users are more likely to divorce. But it may be a significant predictor of divorce rates. Our investigations show that Twitter and Facebook reveal heavy social media users are more likely to cheat on their spouse, or give up information about hidden relationships. Social media sites are a treasure trove of information about cheating spouses.

Nationwide Legal Investigations has provided consistently innovative private investigation services over thirty years of experience in California – always reasonably priced, always within the bounds of California law. We have handled hundreds of cheating spouse cases, and have handled clandestine Internet investigations on a daily basis for over twenty years.

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