The Private Investigator and Marital Infidelity Cases

We often hear that over half of all marriages in America end in divorce. That statistic depends on the ages of the partners, education and income, reports Time Magazine. And everybody agrees the divorce rate is going up, year by year.

Most experts will tell you the reasons almost always boil down to money, or sex. About 17% of divorces are caused by infidelity, or “cheating,” reports Fox News Magazine.

An experienced private investigation firm can help you with both these issues.

Of the millions of reasons why marriages fail, marital infidelity – what we sometimes call “cheating” – is the hardest to recognize, the hardest to prove, and the hardest to endure. For the cheated-on spouse, the emotional toll cannot be avoided. A broken heart may not be a legal issue, but it hurts just the same.

You may first become suspicious of a spouse’s late nights at the office, overnight trips, business travel or unexplained telephone calls.

That moment of suspicion is the best time to contact an experienced private investigator. A private investigator can do any and all of the following, to confirm or rule your suspicions:

  • Conduct surveillance of your husband or wife, at work or afterward
  • Arrange for surveillance of your spouse while traveling in another city
  • Track back email addresses, to find out who your spouse is communicating with
  • Obtain video or photographs of individuals your spouse meets or spends time around
  • Conduct surveillance of your spouse’s suspected partner
  • Search out your spouse’s assets, to detect secret bank accounts or investments, sometimes in other states
  • Interview witnesses who may have observed your spouse together with a suspected romantic partner, in your city or elsewhere

To take the first step in finding out the truth, contact us.

To find out more about what we can do in cases of spousal betrayal, Nationwide Legal Investigations invites you to take advantage of all the services provided by a full-service professional private investigation firm.

Marc J. Tropeano is Chief Investigator at Nationwide Legal Investigations. He has been working as an investigator since 2001. He began his career working for an ex-LAPD retired detective who instilled his work ethic and investigative techniques that are still put to use to this day. As a Private Investigator Marc has worked on civil and criminal cases for attorneys across the state of California and beyond. He has investigated burglaries, thefts, white collar crime, domestic matters, and worker’s compensation claims. He has interviewed dozens of witnesses and subjects and prepared detailed reports for his clients. He has also worked on hundreds of surveillances and has provided clients with video and photographic evidence in support of his findings. Prior to joining Nationwide Legal Investigations, Marc was sharpening his skills as an undercover Animal Cruelty Investigator for the infamous Chris DeRose at Last Chance for Animals. Tell him your story, there is nothing he hasn’t heard…

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