Private Investigators Can Win Your Case by Providing Attorney Work Product

Private Investigators can help your attorney win your case by interviewing witnesses, obtaining statements and developing other helpful evidence, which cannot be discovered by the other side. But there is a catch.

A private investigator can gather evidence and provide that critical advantage allowing you to prevail in your case. A good attorney can use this edge to win in court. Everything you discuss with a private investigator is considered confidential whether you hire him or not. However, unlike a client’s relationship with his attorney, which is completely privileged and cannot be divulged by anyone other than the client, there are no legal protections between private investigators and their clients. A good private investigator will keep all the information you have given him strictly confidential. However, they may be subpoenaed and forced by the courts to testify as to the details of your case.

However, you can prevent that by having your attorney hire the investigator. When the private investigator works for your attorney, rather than you, most of what the investigator discovers and submits to the attorney is covered under Attorney Work Product and is privileged information. In addition, it means that the information your investigator learns and the statements he takes are protected. The private investigator cannot be compelled to divulge what he has learned.

Through general knowledge, personal connections, or determined work ethic, a well-seasoned investigation firm can prove invaluable to virtually all aspects of a lawsuit.

In assisting the attorney, an insightful and skilled investigation team will be able, and competent enough to research, locate, and identify expert witnesses, while being uniquely qualified to provide independent, therefore more reliable testimony at hearing and trials.

It is our observation that no matter what legal or investigative service is needed, nothing trumps experience. Our 30 years of experience makes all the difference in the level of service and the innovative approaches we can offer our clients. Our proven expertise results in a positive outcome where other process servers or private investigation firms often fail.

Nationwide Legal Investigations has consistently provided innovative process service and private investigation services over thirty years of experience – always reasonably priced, and always within the bounds of applicable law. Courts have upheld Nationwide Legal Investigations techniques, resulting in judgments, subpoena service and post-judgment enforcement results against deadbeat parents; defendants evading service of process; residents of gated communities; corporations and partnerships; and unfaithful spouses.

Marc J. Tropeano is Chief Investigator at Nationwide Legal Investigations. He has been working as an investigator since 2001. He began his career working for an ex-LAPD retired detective who instilled his work ethic and investigative techniques that are still put to use to this day. As a Private Investigator Marc has worked on civil and criminal cases for attorneys across the state of California and beyond. He has investigated burglaries, thefts, white collar crime, domestic matters, and worker’s compensation claims. He has interviewed dozens of witnesses and subjects and prepared detailed reports for his clients. He has also worked on hundreds of surveillances and has provided clients with video and photographic evidence in support of his findings. Prior to joining Nationwide Legal Investigations, Marc was sharpening his skills as an undercover Animal Cruelty Investigator for the infamous Chris DeRose at Last Chance for Animals. Tell him your story, there is nothing he hasn’t heard…

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