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Striking a serious blow to the polygamous family of Kody Brown, his four wives, and 17 children, famous for the TV show “Sister Wives,” on April 11, 2016 the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver dismissed the Brown lawsuit against the state of Utah over its ban on plural marriages. The court’s decision reversed a landmark 2013 ruling that removed the threat of arrest for polygamous families in Utah. In the earlier decision lifting the ban on polygamy the trial court judge had made findings that the possibility of prosecution had driven the Brown family out of the state of Utah and that key parts of Utah’s bigamy law violated their right to privacy and religious freedom.

The recent 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, in dismissing the 2013 case, said that the Browns did not have standing to sue because they had not in fact been prosecuted therefore the case was moot. The decision also noted that the Browns had since relocated to Nevada and that Utah state prosecutors had shelved prosecution of the Sister Wives family and announced a new policy to prosecute polygamists only if they were also suspected of fraud or abuse.

Kody Brown and his “Sister Wives” became famous after their reality TV show of that name, became quite popular. The show is about four wives “spiritually married” to one man in Utah — legally speaking, only one of the four wives has a marriage certificate with Kody Brown. After they were on TV in 2010, Kody Brown and his family were investigated by local police for polygamy and charged under a Utah law that is rarely enforced.

Polygamy is defined as having more than two spouses at a time.

The charges against them were dropped yet the family filed a lawsuit against the state of Utah claiming that the state is violating their constitutional rights of freedom of religion and association by enforcing the polygamy statute. The family sought declaratory relief and a permanent injunction enjoining enforcement of the anti-polygamy statute against them. The constitutional issues were not weighed by the court because it found the case moot.

The state of Utah wants the law to stay on the books in order to help authorities prosecute those who commit crimes related to the practice, such as sexual assault, statutory rape and exploitation of government benefits like imprisoned polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs, who was convicted of assaulting underage girls he considered wives.

Bigamy, or holding multiple marriage licenses has always been illegal and was not challenged in the Brown lawsuit. Brown has a license for only one of his marriages and says his other unions are spiritual.

Some legal scholars contend that the recent 10th circuit decision, declining to rule on the constitutional issues presented is a sign that the federal courts would like polygamy prosecutions to go away on their own without having to declare a fundamental constitutional right to marry more than one person.

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