Want to Win Your Lawsuit? Hire California Private Investigator

Of course you have to have a good lawyer to win your case! But many people don’t realize how using a Private Investigator can make it much more likely that you will prevail in court or settlement.

While you depend on your lawyer to use the law to your advantage, he or she must have a complete picture of the facts and the available evidence he or she can use in order to secure a favorable ruling on your behalf. We all know that without evidence to support your case your chances of winning are slim.

A Private Investigator can discover and gather:

1. The physical items to support your case and compile the evidence necessary to prove those facts. This evidence can take several forms such as fingerprint evidence; a broken part from a car, or a missing stop sign, and many many more.
2. Documentary evidence such as pictures of damages to prove fault in an accident; engineering reports, medical records, expert witness reports, business records, corporate records, etc.
3. Background reports on potential fact witnesses – both yours and your opponents. Negative information uncovered can be used to dispute the credibility of your opponent’s witnesses.
4. Information on potential expert witnesses that can be used to impeach your opponent’s expert when he or she is deposed or testifies. Expert witnesses can play a key role in the outcome of both civil and criminal cases. Discovering and using negative information discovered in the background of a purported “expert” can be quite dramatic in a trial. It is not unusual to find that experts have embellished or falsified professional and academic backgrounds.
5. Damaging information about your opponent. A background report on your opponent, a corporation or business will often uncover relevant damaging information that your lawyer can use.

And more…

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