What a Licensed Private Investigator Knows That Other People Don’t Know

Nationwide Legal Investigations is a prominent Los Angeles area PI with extensive experience in difficult and complicated private investigations.

Winning a lawsuit, or convincing a judge that your position should prevail on a legal decision, all depends on what evidence you can present to the judge to allow him or her to decide in your favor. If you present admissible relevant evidence in support of your position you are much more likely to get a decision in your favor. And fortunately for you, licensed Private Investigators are trained and experienced in gathering and presenting that evidence to the court. Judges know this and depend on the expertise of investigators to gather facts and present them to the court for consideration.

If someone wishes to be licensed by the State of California to be a Private Investigator he or she must pass a two-hour exam testing their knowledge of many fields of study related to evidence, techniques of getting and preserving that information, and testifying to the facts they have discovered.

Some of the important areas in which Private Investigators have been educated and tested on include:
• Knowledge of interviewing techniques used to gather information from individuals
• Knowledge of skip-tracing techniques used to locate individuals.
• Knowledge of public and private information sources used for gathering information.
• Knowledge of techniques used for accessing public and private records
• Knowledge of techniques used to obtain criminal and/or civil information from the court system.
• Knowledge of laws used to regulate the collection, preservation, and admissibility of evidence in civil and criminal cases.
• Knowledge of methods used to assess the potential threat level of individuals who may pose a danger to client or others.
• Knowledge of the use of cameras, video recorders, and audio recorders in surveillance and investigation work.
• Knowledge of the use of stationary and mobile surveillance techniques for gathering information
• Knowledge of the methods used to review and evaluate information gathered during an investigation.
• Knowledge of techniques used to depict accident and crime scenes including photographs, drawings, exhibits, and 3-D technology.
• Knowledge of California Evidence Code and California Business and Professions Code sections that regulate investigator conduct while acting on behalf of an attorney (e.g., privacy, confidentiality).
• Knowledge of court system procedures such as discovery, testimony, and presentation of evidence
• Knowledge of the admissibility in court of evidence collected in an investigation.
• Knowledge of procedures for testifying in court regarding civil or criminal cases.
• Knowledge of methods used to select witnesses to provide testimony in court. •
• Knowledge of techniques used to develop diagrams (e.g., link analysis) that illustrate relationships between persons, information, and issues related to a case.
• Knowledge of Service of Legal Process including to witnesses to aid client attorney in securing testimony and documents to be used as evidence for a legal case.
• Knowledge of methods used to document information gathered from databases about an individual or individuals related to an investigation.
• Knowledge of techniques used to prepare investigation-related reports and correspondence.
And others.

Only a licensed Private Investigator can provide you with the professional results you seek. California licensed Private Investigators who have met the stringent requirements, including education and experience, have been tested to ensure they are prepared to conduct a lawful and extensive investigation. Those requirements and education will ensure you get what you pay for.

Before you retain the services of a private investigator confirm that the company or individual is a licensed Private Investigator. You can verify a private Investigator license by going to Breeze.ca.gov and click on “verify a License.” Or you can call the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services Board at Toll Free: (800)-952-5210 Direct: (916)-322-4000.

If you, as an attorney, wish to win your case, hire an experienced licensed private investigator to help you get the evidence you need to win. Don’t delay. Begin getting evidence now.

Marc J. Tropeano is Chief Investigator at Nationwide Legal Investigations. He has been working as an investigator since 2001. He began his career working for an ex-LAPD retired detective who instilled his work ethic and investigative techniques that are still put to use to this day. As a Private Investigator Marc has worked on civil and criminal cases for attorneys across the state of California and beyond. He has investigated burglaries, thefts, white collar crime, domestic matters, and worker’s compensation claims. He has interviewed dozens of witnesses and subjects and prepared detailed reports for his clients. He has also worked on hundreds of surveillances and has provided clients with video and photographic evidence in support of his findings. Prior to joining Nationwide Legal Investigations, Marc was sharpening his skills as an undercover Animal Cruelty Investigator for the infamous Chris DeRose at Last Chance for Animals. Tell him your story, there is nothing he hasn’t heard…

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