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For birth parents unable to handle the responsibilities of parenthood, an adoption is an option. However, many of those who were adopted feel the need to search for their birth parents. This can be natural curiosity, medical necessity, or the desire to learn more about their past. If this is you, then Nationwide Legal Investigations and Marc J. Tropeano PI will provide the right investigative services to help you locate your birth parents.

Many children who have been adopted go through life with a lot of questions. You may find yourself wondering about your birth parents or why you were placed for adoption. You may wish to know about your extended family and if you have siblings, grandparents, cousins, or other family members. There may even be medical reasons to look up your birth parents as you have questions that need to be answered.


No matter the reason you have, it will be challenging to find your birth parents. You won’t have all the necessary skills or even a place to start, in some cases. A private investigator will have the resources and connections available to help you find your birth parents.

  • You may want to discover who you are and understand your past. Many who are adopted have found a deeper connection to their history and family after finding their birth parents.
  • If you’ve ever wondered what your life may have been if your birth parents raised you.
  • There are medical issues in your life. Knowing who your birth parents are can help fill in the gaps about any of your family’s medical history.
  • A part of you is missing. You may feel out of place or have an emotional void or connection that is missing from your life.

Sometimes, it isn’t just the children that were adopted that are looking. Often, it is the birth parent who initiates the search. These parents can also benefit from having a private investigator on an adoption case. Many birth parents just want to know that the child they gave up is happy, successful, and even safe. Others want to reconnect, if possible. An adoption investigator can help birth parents locate and learn about the children they gave up for adoption.


Unfortunately, adoption investigations arent always easy and straightforward. While many states have adoption registries, the information in each one may not be complete or accessible. There are also limits due to consent issues and other factors like state laws. These can complicate an adoption case. To add further complications, some states even have closed adoption rules, which limits information even more. This is why it’s essential to hire a private investigator for your adoption investigation. Whether you’re adopted and looking for your birth parents or the birth parent looking for the child you gave up, a private investigator or private detective has the experience and equipment needed to find the information you need for your case. 

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