Animal Cruelty

Nationwide Legal Investigations & Marc J. Tropeano PI are experts in Animal Cruelty Investigations.

Animal Cruelty Investigations are highly needed in today’s world. Animal cruelty is an unfortunate reality. Fortunately for them, Marc J. Tropeano PI and his expert private investigators are experienced in working with law enforcement and other organizations when it comes to investigating animal safety and cruelty.

Animal Cruelty Investigations seek to bring justice for animals by investigating reports of neglect and abuse by coordinating with law enforcement and other organizations. Many cases involve a lack of food, shelter, or water, along with general animal care. This applies to more than just household pets, but large animal breeds across different types of businesses that keep animals. More complex cases will usually result in an on-site investigation, possible animal seizure, and even seeing that offenders are prosecuted.


• Domestic animals and/or livestock are not getting the food, water, or shelter that is required by law.
• Animal hoarding and fighting.
• Physical abuse and/or chronic neglect of animals.
• Lack of medical attention to injured or sick animals.
• Illegal trapping, shooting, poisoning, abandonment, or torture of domestic animals.
• Injury from tangled leashes, ropes, or chains.
• Subjecting animals to conditions that could affect their health or welfare.
• Pet stores, boarding kennels, stables, zoos, and other facilities that aren’t meeting the minimum requirements by law.


Having a passion for Animal Cruelty Investigations is an essential asset for any private investigator or private detective. However, performing your own investigation will only get so far into most pet and animal safety claims. This is where hiring a private investigator is vital. A private investigator can use their specialized skills to research and use specialized tactics to uncover evidence in the case. This is so you can get animals to a safer and healthier environment. Even if you suspect that there are animal safety issues with your neighbor, local business, or even shelter, it’s essential to contact Nationwide Legal Investigations and their expert private investigators.


A private investigator can use surveillance techniques and even computer forensics to provide the proof needed for an animal cruelty investigation case. As animal safety and cruelty have become a growing concern, many organizations are turning to private investigators. Despite new legislation on a state and federal level, animal cruelty is an increasing problem. Since any animal safety laws are only useful if they are enforced, this leads many private investigators to become the only help many animals see.

A private investigator will follow leads on reports that involve animal abuse and collect evidence for any potential prosecution in the court system. This can mean freedom for the animals and having them removed from a dangerous situation and further harm. While your hands may be tied in pursuing an investigation 

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