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When it comes to asset recovery, it isn’t a judgment collection. While a part of it revolves around it, a good private investigator knows that if your case is based on enforcing a judgment, then those assets are more than likely long gone. Asset recovery involves specialized knowledge along with the simultaneous application of common and civil litigation tactics, investigative principles, forensic accounting techniques, insolvency options, forfeiture schemes, and a mindset steeped in strategy and know-how.

A successful private investigator will have an inquiring mind, cultural sensitivity, flexibility, resilience, adaptability, and a lot of patience. While you may see patience as a virtue in other areas of life, asset recovery can be a slow process. If you’re looking to hire a private investigator to help with your asset recovery investigations case, then acceptance of a possible slow timeline is a possibility. While your private investigator may work as fast as they can, there can be many legal procedures a private investigator may have watched play out before they can move forward.


Fraudsters and other scammers are low on the ethics scale. They will often use tactics to bring a person down to their level or use their skills to smear your reputation as part of their defense. Marc J. Tropeano PI and his private investigators at Nationwide Legal Investigations have impeccable ethics and expertise to work around these acts of corruption. While your law team may be attacked over the legal process itself, a private investigator will work covertly.

Private investigators also work with or without any court sanction. Because of this, they must hold themselves to a higher standard at all times. This helps private investigators avoid having to deflect attacks from the parties they are investigating.


The most common cases that a private investigator may deal with are usually by representing victims of fraud or those who are serving the victim’s interests on a collective basis. These cases may include:

• Businesses
• Financial Institutions
• Individuals or Governments
• Office Holders
• Liquidators
• Trustees and Receivers

Part of the challenge of these cases is that many fraudsters and scammers will utilize lawyers, bankers, and even accountants to will help them conduct their illegal activities. Another challenge is the legal system itself. It can be challenging to get the information needed, which can also increase the time required for your case and the recovery of any assets.

Marc J. Tropeano PI and his private investigators at Nationwide Legal Investigations will think outside the box and with some creativity. We use expert forensic tools and seek accounting experts if needed to help find the data and information necessary for your case. The goal is to surprise fraudsters or scammers and deprive them of their resources. Stopping the fraudster from perpetrating the fraud or scam is vital to the case. Lawyers and even the court system are using private investigators in their help to recover assets instead of using the traditional approach of criminal-based forfeiture. Our team at Nationwide Legal Investigations has all the expertise and is the most experienced licensed private investigator in California and beyond. 

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