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Marc J. Tropeano PI and Nationwide Legal Private Investigators are rated #1 in California for Child Custody Investigations. Our surveillance investigations are conducted to observe a child’s well-being and treatment while in the custody of a parent or legal guardian. These investigations are usually conducted as part of a divorce, separation, or custody case.

These investigations involve one or more of our experienced private investigators to assess the treatment of a child while in the custody of a parent or legal guardian. After conducting the investigation, our private investigator will then report to our client or the court, the findings during the initial investigation, which can then be used in custody evaluations. A child custody investigation provides reliable evidence without bias.


Our child custody private investigators use surveillance as a means to determine how parents or legal guardians treat the child while in their care. Our Private Investigators will document any abuse or neglect they witness in the photo and video recordings. When asked, our private investigators will also question potential witnesses or family members and will conduct background screenings on custodial parties.

Our private investigators look for situations involving alcohol abuse, criminal activity, reckless driving, gambling, drug abuse, and any other activities that can negatively affect a child. They will also ensure that the parent is providing a safe, clean living space, food, support, and other necessities that are imperative for a child.

Our private investigators are trained to observe the safety and security of the child. Our private investigators conduct all child custody investigations without the knowledge of the child so as to not cause any stress.  Our private investigators also testify in court.

Trusted Private Investigation Agency for Child Support and Child Custody Surveillance Investigation Cases 

Your children mean the world to you. So child custody disputes are sad, anxiety-producing, gut-wrenching, and expensive. Depending on the case, evidence of what is actually happening to your kids when the other parent has custody and/or visitation is almost impossible to obtain.

Why? Because you, the children, and the other parent all have self-interest. A court, usually reluctantly, is being asked to decide the children’s best interests. Objective evidence and testimony are often in short supply.

A private investigator can provide objective evidence. We use surveillance, interviewing, electronic means, and Internet techniques to put the other parent’s life under a microscope. We have experience. And, most importantly to the Court, we do not have a dog in the hunt.

Things we can find out that you can’t:
  • Observe the other parent, nanny, or babysitter anonymously, using surveillance techniques
  • Watch the other parent’s associates anonymously
  • Record the other parent’s treatment of the children
  • Investigate the other parent’s income-producing activities, job, and/or business
  • Search out the other parent’s financial behavior
  • Investigate any possible criminal activity, drug/alcohol abuse, and patterns of conduct
  • Profile the other parent’s stability, lifestyle, schedules
  • Trace your children, in abduction or abandonment cases
A Team Approach:

If your child custody case is already in progress, we work with your attorney, your psychologist and/or accountant. If your case has not been filed yet, we can investigate what is really going on while your children are with the other parent. Frequently it is not what you think. And often the best evidence we can get for you is MOST obtainable before the divorce and/or custody case is filed.

It’s much wiser in the long run to hire a private investigator.

Where to Begin: 

Our private investigators can help you if you are concerned about your child’s safety while in the custody of your spouse or a legal guardian. In a divorce case, many accusations can be made, and the evidence our private investigators obtain can prove a child may be in danger. Our private investigator’s duties are to work with you to keep your child away from any abusive situations.

We are here to assist and guide you through this emotional time. We believe the safety and wellbeing of your child should come above all and are ready to help. Call, email, or fill out the form below to begin an investigation and finally get this unfortunate situation dealt with properly and legally. We have your back! 

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Our Process

1. Initial Free Case Evaluation

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2. Investigative Briefing

Once retained, our investigators will be thoroughly briefed on all the details related to your case.

3. Case Management

Our highly skilled agents will handle your matter from start to finish with the utmost professionalism while remaining 100% discreet.

4. Professional Recommendations

At the conclusion of your case and after thorough review, our team will steer you in the right direction whether it be legal or non-legal.

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