Nationwide Legal Investigations and Marc J. Tropeano PI are experts in Cohabitation and Alimony Investigations. When it comes to alimony, it can get costly, especially if you don’t have proper representation or a team of experienced private investigators on your side. 


After your marriage is over, supporting an ex-spouse is often financially tricky and mentally stressful if you parted on bad terms. Under California law, your alimony may be able to be reduced. It is also possible to see it terminated if your former spouse is cohabitating with another that whom they aren’t related. While this sounds great for you, proving this cohabitation can be tricky and is more challenging than it may seem. It’s vital to hire an experienced private investigator to help you determine the coexistence.

Proving Cohabitation:

You know your former spouse is cohabitating with someone else, and it’s a romantic relationship. While you may see it happening, you’ll still have to prove it. Since the chances of your ex admitting their involvement are doubtful, hiring a private investigator will help you collect the evidence you need. There are things you can’t do that a private investigator can.

• Conduct surveillance and identify the cohabitation partner.
• Document any comings and goings of your former spouse.
• Record the person who resides, or even appears to live with your ex on their comings and goings.
• Document any vehicle that is seen coming or going from your former spouse’s place by someone you think is in a relationship with your ex. This also includes seeing if it is parked overnight at your ex’s home.
• Interview any potential witnesses.
• Obtain financial documents that may prove cohabitation with another.
• Conduct any background checks needed.

It’s essential to allow an experienced and licensed private investigator to do this for you. By doing these things yourself, you can be arrested for harassment and even stalking. It’s vital to leave surveillance investigations to the private investigators. They will know how to gather and discover the information needed and have the licensing that opens up more opportunities for them to do their job correctly.

The Effects of Cohabitation on Alimony:

While divorce may mean freedom for some, others, are still chained down by alimony. This may be limited or may continue if the former spouse remarries. However, cohabitation without the marriage certificate may not mean the end of alimony payments. Many times, proof that your ex is living with another suggestive of marriage may be the only proof you need. This can involve financial and social proof. This may result in seeing your alimony payments modified or even terminated, depending on the situation.

When it comes to cohabitation and alimony investigations, it is best to leave this to a professional investigator. As much as you may want to avoid making the alimony payments, proof of cohabitation may not be enough. However, there is a possibility it may be if the evidence is presented. It’s best not to do any of this proof-seeking yourself as you may find yourself in a lot of legal problems that you may not need or able to deal with. Using a private investigator that is fully licensed and insured is the best way to seek the proof you need.

Nationwide Legal Investigations and Marc J Tropeano PI understands Infidelity & Domestic Investigations are a very tough situation to find yourself in. The need to hire a Los Angeles private investigator and discuss your spouse’s infidelity is also a challenging thing to do, but it is essential for you to know that we will not judge you. We are committed to the utmost discretion while providing you with a quality investigation that is designed to give you the peace of mind you are searching for to move forward with your life as well as maintain your dignity.

As a prospective client, you may be worried about confidentially. You have our complete assurance that your case is completely confidential, including the consultation. Knowing how painful this time in your life is, we can discuss your case without knowing who you are until you are comfortable that we can help and be trusted. We will guide you through the process and help you gain a complete understanding of how our Los Angeles infidelity investigations work and how we can get you evidence of infidelity.

Marc J. Tropeano PI has built a system that not only gets the preparation done quickly but also gives leaves adequate time to get the information you need in an efficient and expedited fashion. We are on your side and ready to assist you in putting this unfortunate situation behind you. Please contact us for more information on cohabitation and alimony investigations.

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