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Whenever you hear of a “Corporate Investigation,” it’s probably from the media and involves a type of scandal. Perhaps corporations like Cedant, Worldcom, or even Enron come to mind. Corporate misconduct, abuse, or fraud takes various forms. It also happens to companies, both big and small. Unfortunately, corporate investigations are a necessity. This can be due to in-house issues or outside threats to a company’s secrets.


If your company had something underhanded happening to it from inside or out, you would want to have the matter handled. You’d hopefully also want it handled objectively and even adequately with some form of discretion. Your knowledge of your company will prove a valuable asset to a private investigator. This awareness and knowledge of the potential crime should also be where it ends.

A private investigator or private detective has a job to determine what is happening from any information you provide. They’ll also gather evidence of any wrongdoing, and deliver them to you if you need to file a lawsuit, move, or fire an employee. A private investigator will do the “dirty work” for you. This will allow you to carry on with business as usual, as day-to-day operations still need to be maintained and managed.

Every company will inevitably see a threat from either within or out. Fraud or deceit, unfortunately, comes with the business. How you and your company responds will have a significant impact on the mitigation of any damages that come from the investigation. This can be a reduction in risks for the company, customers, and everyone who works for it.


Employee misconduct – This can vary or even overlap, but will usually involve a form of bad behavior that requires a company to hire a private investigator for surveillance. These behaviors can be but aren’t limited to harassment, payroll abuse, bullying, substance abuse, and even subordination. This requires impartial work and even subtlety from the private investigator.

FMLA abuse – This can involve an employee abusing The Family Medical Leave Act to take a break from a job or take another while claiming they need legitimate medical leave. A private investigator can document this abuse as the cost to the employer is quite high.

Fraud and internal investigations – These are not uncommon, but they are still damaging to a company. These come in the way of asset abuse/misuse, purchase order fraud, bribery, money laundering, shell companies, internet/computer fraud, merchant account fraud, and procurement fraud. In many of these cases, a private investigator will use computer forensics with court-approved software and tools to help them investigate. This will help them pinpoint the origin of the crime.

Clients for Corporate Investigations are typically human resources, corporate council members, security leadership, and even outside council. Fighting fraud and employee abuse along the corporate ladder is imperative for any company. A private investigator will have the experience, depth, and know-how to conduct a complex investigation for a company or organization.

Nationwide Legal Investigations has built a system that not only gets the preparation done quickly but also gives leaves adequate time to get the information you need in an efficient and expedited fashion. If you have suspicions, contact us. We are on your side and ready to assist you in putting this unfortunate situation behind you. 

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