Is there a business you need to know more about?

Do you need to know more about what’s happening in your own business?

Nationwide Legal Investigations can provide you with a wide range of different investigative services tailored to corporations and the business world. We can look into companies both large and small (we can even look into your own company) and conduct exactly the type of investigation necessary to come up with the information you require.

When you are considering a relationship with another business, it’s better to know as much about the business in question as possible. We can perform investigations ranging from a complete due diligence to any combination of the following:

    • Asset Search – Extensive
    • Business Background Checks
    • Computer Forensics/Cyber Crime
    • Due Diligence Investigations
    • Electronic Surveillance
    • Property Inspections

There are also times when you may require information on your competitors, sometimes to secure an edge, and sometimes to protect yourself against unethical and illegal actions. The following services can be invaluable in this regard:

    • Business Background Checks
    • Computer Forensics/Cyber crime
    • Electronic Surveillance
    • Fraud Investigations
    • Judgment Recovery
    • Mystery Shopper
    • Trademark Protection
    • TSCM/ECM
    • Undercover Operations

Situations may also arise when you need to know more about what is happening under your own business roof. Among the investigations we can perform for your own company are:

    • Pre-Employment Background Checks
    • Employee Background Checks
    • Criminal History Background Checks
    • Electronic Surveillance
    • Polygraph/Lie Detector
    • Reverse Due Diligence
    • Undercover Operations
    • Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Knowledge is power. Any of our corporate investigations can provide you with both. The rule applies to businesses as much as it applies to our individual clients: it’s better to know.

Our Corporate Investigations Division is available to consult with you to determine how we may benefit your business. Please call (877) 493-3463 for a free consultation and price quote, or contact us using the convenient email form below.

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