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Whether you love them or hate them, credit cards are an integral part of today’s economy. Even if you have one, want to get one, or trying to get one paid off, at some point, you will or already have dealt with the pros and cons of credit cards. In today’s technological age, credit card fraud has seen a staggering climb of 35%. Though most banks or other financial institutions do a relatively good job in this department, many fraud cases slip through the cracks.

Credit Card Fraud uses your account information to purchase goods, access money, and retain services. Credit card numbers are stolen in a variety of ways. Because of this, private investigators and law enforcement are discovering new ways that criminals are going about this. As a victim of credit card fraud, you will lose money, be under a large amount of stress, and even suffer a reduction in your credit rating.


Theft of your credit information can be taking the card itself, data related to a purchase, which can be card number, security code, expiration date, and other personal information. It can also include:

  • Pick-pocketing
  • Robbery
  • Deception
  • Covert surveillance to capture numbers without the owner knowing
  • Computer Spyware
  • Phone Tapping
  • Photocopying the actual card
  • Gaining access to the company’s databases
  • Looking over your shoulder during a transaction.
  • Employee Theft
  • Other Electronic means

You may not know that your credit data was compromised. Because of the nature of the crime, thieves can get away with fraudulent purchases, get cash from ATMs or banks, or open a new account. In most cases, the actual card isn’t stolen. This is what makes scammers so successful.


Marc J. Tropeano PI and his team of private investigators at Nationwide Legal Investigations are experienced in aggressively investigating con-artist criminals and scammers. This makes a private investigator perfect to assist local law enforcement and federal agencies like the FBI. They can help both clarify the type of fraud, scam, and crime that was committed. They also have the resources and ability to work with the FBI or other law enforcement agencies. This allows them to find crucial evidence that will ensure swift prosecution so you can recover the damages you have suffered.

A licensed private investigator is also experienced in computer forensics and other forms of investigation that will allow them to extend their investigative reach and track the source of the credit card fraud. A private investigator will also have the right tools for the case, expertise, and freedom to find the information needed.

No matter how often you are aware of your purchases and credit card use, there are times when something slips through, and you become a victim. Many credit issuers will hire a private investigator to help them uncover fraudulent activity. These private investigators will also work with law enforcement officials in the tracking and apprehension of criminals. Depending on the amount of fraud, you may find hiring a private investigator is well worth the money and peace of mind to recover your information. We have all the experienced investigators to assist you with your need. 

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