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Nationwide Legal Investigations and Marc J. Tropeano PI are experts in Digital Forensic Examination Investigations. 

Digital forensic investigations involve the recovery and investigation of material found on a digital device. This is usually a result of cybercrime and is a branch of forensic science. Originally it was used to recover data from computers, but as technology has grown, it now encompasses multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, computer notebooks, and more. While digital forensics has numerous applications in today’s digital world, it is often used to refute or support evidence or a hypothesis in a criminal or civil court procedure.


In a perfect world, every law enforcement agency would have access to a team of people and resources to recover or trace information on a computer or other related device. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, and frequently, a private investigator is called in to do this work.

Nationwide Legal Investigations private investigators have the training and expertise, as well as the resources to aid law enforcement and other agencies in digital forensic work.

This is particularly useful in the following:

• Data recovery
• Mobile phone forensics
• Internet monitoring
• Penetration testing
• eDiscovery
• Leaks or fraud
• Cyberespionage
• Financial tampering
• Computer crime
• Employee misconduct

This allows private investigators to help with theft, assault, and even murder when someone attempts to cover up their tracks in the digital landscape. It also helps in civil cases when dealing with protecting the property and rights of an individual and also disputes within commercial entities.


Recovering your or your company’s information is essential. It is also helpful for law enforcement and other agencies in their pursuit of criminals and their activities. Some of the information that can be recovered includes:

Deleted call history (both incoming, outgoing, and missed)
• Deleted emails (both incoming, outgoing, and drafts)
• SMS/WhatsApp/Skype/IM Chat/IRC/Webchat/Viber
• Deleted GPS locations (both waypoints and Geotagging of images)
• Deleted images (both sent and received)
• Social network logs/GEO login/activity time
• Deleted internet history (history, keywords, searches, deleted cookies
• SSID/WiFi data/MAC/IP
• Bluetooth (timestamped and paired devices

On computers, digital forensics deals with the evidence found on a computer and digitally stored media. A private investigator will use it to examine digital media to identify, recover, preserve, analyze, and present facts and opinions over digital information. A private investigator will investigate, analyze, and even recover data from a computer or other related device and external hard disk drives. Private investigators will ensure no digital evidence is overlooked and will assist law enforcement at any stage of an investigation.

Marc J. Tropeano PI and his expert Private investigators are an essential part of the digital forensics arena and are crucial in the investigative process. Their resources and skills have proven invaluable to law enforcement and even private individuals and corporations looking to protect their assets and property from cybercriminals or scammers seeking to claim what isn’t theirs.

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