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Nationwide Legal Investigations and Marc J. Tropeano PI are experts in drone surveillance in Los Angeles, CA. Though many aerial photographers and filmmakers use their drones for their art and other projects, drones have given private investigators new means to conduct specific surveillance investigations using drone & aerial surveillance techniques. Since drones are an excellent tool for pre-surveillance, evidence collection, and litigation support, private investigators are no longer stuck in a hot car holding a camera with a zoom lens. 

When most people think of drones, it’s usually military use or Big Brother out to watch you cut your lawn. Though you may be tempted to perform your own drone or aerial surveillance investigation, you may be violating many legal and ethical codes. Privacy laws are relatively complex, and a private investigator or private detective is not only licensed but knows the ins and outs of these laws and codes for drone surveillance of any type per state.

  • Pre-surveillance activities: This means before a private investigator starts their surveillance investigation, they would survey the area for potential mobile or stationary positions, points of egress, and even major areas.
  • Surveillance: A private investigator can use the drone in real-time. This is especially helpful in rural areas. Drones can help find routes for the subjects or provide a safer alternative for a private investigator performing surveillance investigations.
  • Scene reconstruction: No matter how good your map app on your mobile device is, it is never as up-to-date as it needs to be. Google Maps isn’t perfect.
  • Access to difficult areas: Some areas that are remote, mountainous, high points, or overwater are perfect for drone investigations. This type of surveillance investigation is appealing for a private investigator as trees, and dense areas can limit their standard line of sight.
  • Surveying the land: This is useful for reconstruction purposes.
  • Covers more areas: A drone can go where a private investigator can’t. This means to the other side of a building while the private investigator is on the opposite. In some states, “perching” the drone is perfectly legal, so a drone doesn’t always have to be in the air.
  • Drone & aerial surveillance offers a private investigator a cheaper alternative to other forms of aerial surveillance like chartering a plane or helicopter. 
  • Private Investigators can use drone & aerial surveillance to locate the property that may be hidden from view by being a person’s backyard. It could also find the property that is deep in a construction site.
  • Drone & Aerial surveillance can be used to document construction sites, disaster areas like sinkholes, or hurricane damage.

The main reason to use a licensed private investigator is their knowledge of privacy laws. They know when they can and cannot use drones & aerial surveillance for investigations. In virtually every case for a private investigator, technology has played a significant role. Even drones and aerial surveillance have opened up new doors for private investigators to gather evidence and document information. While the standard type of surveillance won’t be going away anytime soon, drone and aerial surveillance offer more flexibility for a private investigator. Call Marc J. Tropeano PI and Nationwide Legal Investigations for our expertise in these types of cases. 

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