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When it comes to Human Trafficking, it isn’t always what Hollywood portrays it to be. While you may think this is something this is hidden away from prying eyes, it can and is happening right under your nose. Human Trafficking is when an individual is compelled to engage or work in commercial sex or labor. This is done through force, coercion, or fraud regardless of age & against their will. It can happen in any community, and victims can be of any race or gender.

What Does a Human Trafficking Investigation Entail?

All investigations begin either with proactive or reactive work. Many law enforcement or private investigation agencies receive tips from various sources and investigate each one vigorously. This involves networking with other entities like churches, schools, the military, hospitals, and others. 

Time, human resources, search warrants for social media and technology, and money are some of the biggest challenges. The fact that the crime can be transient makes it more challenging to track both suspects and victims. A lot of times, investigations happen on the streets where these types of transactions take place. They have also moved to social media as human traffickers have evolved with the age of technology.

With shifts in technology, investigators have turned to the internet as their most effective tool in locating human trafficking victims. Using social networks like Facebook, Tinder, Tagged, Craigslist, and others, along with specific software like Spotlight, have enabled many investigators to find victims and bring them home and their kidnappers to justice.

Who to Call if You Suspect any Human Trafficking Activity?

If you suspect any sort of human trafficking activity, it is vital to act quickly. It can be difficult to know what to do if you have been a victim of trafficking or know someone who may be a victim. Trust your instincts. If you witness a form of exploitation, then speak up. You can help by calling us immediately to report any instance of Human Trafficking. 

As much as you may want to close your eyes and believe it could never happen near you, the chances are strong that it just may. Human Trafficking is filled with sexual abuse, drug addiction, molestation, alcohol addiction, and other forms of horrible trauma. These crimes continue to plague victims of human trafficking in the Los Angeles area and worldwide. Learn some of the signs and open your eyes to the reality of the issue. 

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