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In today’s digital age, identity theft can become a significant issue. Due to online shopping and social networks, many people may find their identity stolen and see their money or credit disappear. Identity theft or ID theft is defined as when someone uses your personal information to commit things like fraud, credit theft, or other crimes.

An identity thief may look for the following:

• Your full name
• Telephone number (both landline or cell phone)
• Date and place of birth
• Physical address
• Email address
• Information on your credit card
• Bank statements
• Your social security number (SSN)
• Computers and passwords
• Memberships to clubs and hobbies
• PINs
• Numbers to your passport
• Driver’s License number

In America, an identity is stolen every two seconds. The states with the highest impacts are Florida, Georgia, and California. There are many ways to prevent ID Theft:

• Be conservative on the information you give to companies
• Keep all your records in a safe and locked place
• Never use the same passwords
• Stay aware of your surroundings when you disclose any personal information
• Check all of your financial records regularly
• Don’t carry any social security cards with you
• Don’t display any birthdays on social networking sites
• Never open unsolicited emails
• Antivirus software and firewall

Having become a victim of identity theft is a violation of a person. It is also hard to know where to start. It’s important to relay as much information as possible to law enforcement or your private investigator. Your first step is communicating all reports to every agency where you feel fraud has occurred. After that, report this information to your local law enforcement. Making a police report is vital to the process.

Hiring a private investigator, private detective, or private eye is crucial to getting your case solved so you can move forward. A private investigator can give you the personal attention law enforcement can’t. Also, a private investigator has a better chance of having the person who stole your identity held responsible.

Private investigators, private detectives, and private eyes will help you find out who has done this to you and how they did it. Once this information is found, you can then seek punitive damages legally or make a criminal complaint. This may help you recover lost funds and some peace of mind.

Hiring Nationwide Legal Investigations who are experienced, licensed private investigators is vital for your case. In many cases, some private investigators specialize in identity theft investigations and know where to start looking and have the know-how and equipment needed to start moving forward. They will also have the resources and connections to investigate a paper trail or follow computer data that leads them to the individual(s) who did the theft. The emotional toll can be significant for you. It can also take time to recover. A licensed private investigator will work as efficiently as possible to help you find closure and recover from this incident. Though you may be vulnerable at this point, it is crucial to work with a licensed private investigator to stop anyone from stealing your identity again.

Nationwide Legal Investigations & Marc J. Tropeano PI have built a system that not only gets the preparation done quickly but also gives leaves adequate time to get the information you need in an efficient and expedited fashion. If you have suspicions contact us immediately. We are on your side and ready to assist you in putting this unfortunate situation behind you.

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