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Is your spouse cheating on you?

If you suspect that he or she might be, your suspicions could well be justified. Statistics show that husbands who suspect their wives of cheating are right 50% of the time. When it comes to wives suspecting husbands, they turn out to be justified 85% of the time. If you are sensing that something is wrong, that gut feeling is worth investigating – and the best way to investigate is by hiring a private investigator.

Nationwide Legal Investigations is a licensed California private investigator with extensive experience in the fields of domestic surveillance and spousal infidelity cases. We can establish the truth, and provide you with facts when all you have is suspicions.

Recent studies have estimated that 60% of all men and 50% of all women engage in extramarital affairs at some point in their lives, figures up from 28% for men and only 14% for women twenty years ago. Marital infidelity has reached epidemic proportions, and the figures above don’t even include Internet and phone affairs, sex-for-hire, and emotional infidelity. The sad reality these days is that, where there’s smoke, there probably is fire.

Warning signs that a spouse might be cheating:
  • Changes in appearance: different grooming habits, new hairstyles, new colognes or perfumes, buying different-style clothes or sexy underwear
  • Finding a new or secret cell phone; evasive telephone use (such as abruptly ending a conversation when you enter the room); a steady stream of sudden hang ups when you answer the phone
  • Setting up a new email account and using it surreptitiously
  • Suspicious or excessive internet use that represents a change in established habit; unusual websites turning up in a browser history; suddenly closing or turning off the computer when you walk into the room
  • Late hours “at work” or other changes in established schedule
  • Unusual credit card activity: charges for gifts you’ve never received, repeated ATM withdrawals at unfamiliar locations
  • Peculiar or atypical behavior: a wife putting on provocative clothes “to go to the supermarket” or a husband getting all dressed up “to go grab a beer with the guys”; joining a gym and suddenly undertaking a rigorous exercise program
  • Decrease – or sometimes increase – in sexual activity at home
  • The biggest warning sign of all is your own gut feeling that your spouse might be unfaithful.

Trying to investigate a possibly unfaithful spouse on your own is unwise.

  • You are too close to the case to proceed objectively and methodically.
  • You lack the skills and equipment to carry out proper surveillance.
  • You may be putting yourself in danger.
  • Worse yet, you’re likely to get caught.
Domestic surveillance and infidelity investigations should be undertaken by professional licensed private investigators
  • The evidence we obtain will be admissible in court. The evidence collected by people playing amateur detective often is not.
  • We know where, when and how to look for proof of infidelity.
  • Our experience with stakeouts and surveillance guarantees that our agents will not be detected while they are investigating your spouse.
  • We proceed objectively, looking for the truth, not for a way to prove a conclusion we’ve come to before starting the investigation.

Hiring a private investigator is neither devious nor dishonest: you are simply engaging professionals to do a necessary job. Our report may show that no affair is going on, and your mind will be set at ease. If we do uncover proof that your spouse is unfaithful, you will be armed the knowledge to enable you to take appropriate action, be it towards resolution or towards divorce.

Tips & Useful Information If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you. 

Do not confront your partner until you have proof. While you should talk to your partner about concerns regarding other problems, with infidelity it is best to wait until you have proof. Proof, in this case, means hard evidence (e.g., pictures, catching them in person, etc.) that your partner has been unfaithful. If you confront your partner too soon or without evidence, they will just deny everything. They will also become more secretive and careful with their actions, making it even harder to obtain proof of their infidelity. 

Look for signs of cheating. Before deciding to hire a private investigator it can be helpful to start gathering some information about your suspicions. Be very careful as you do this, as you do not want to be caught during this initial step. Also, keep in mind that signs of cheating are not the same as proof of cheating. The most common signs of infidelity include: 

  • Notable increase or decrease in intimacy, affection levels, or sexual interest.
  • Suspicious phone habits like hiding their screen when it rings or being secretive about their text messages.
  • A marked change in appearance and hygiene, such as showering right when they get home from work, dressing up to do mundane things like grocery shopping, or wearing a new perfume or cologne.
  • Being overly secretive about their browser history and an increase in the amount of time they spend online, especially at night.
  • Changes in a work routine, like needing to work late often or having to go out of town for work.

Keep a journal of your partner’s whereabouts. In order to track your partner’s changing behaviors, it is crucial that you start writing down important information. A cheating partner will often change their story or question your memory, and this journal will help you bring to light these inconsistencies. Some things to track in the journal include: 

  • Dates and times of outings/events
  • The other people attending the outing/event
  • Reasons why you are not invited
  • Excuses for why your partner is late

Gather hard evidence. Without being too obvious or invasive, further your preliminary investigation by monitoring your partner’s habits and spending. In addition to keeping a journal about what they say, try to find some hard evidence about what they are doing. Watching your partner slyly can help build a case against them, which you can then use to find the right private investigator. Without being too obvious, try to track some of the following:

  • Monitor your partner’s mileage, receipts, credit card statements, ATM withdrawals, phone records, etc. to give you an idea of where they are going and if they are spending more money than usual.
  • If you share a cell phone account, contact the phone company for the text message log, which includes all text messages sent or received that weren’t deleted.
  • Try searching for other social media accounts to see if your partner has a secret profile under a different name.

Discuss the matter with your personal attorney. If you are serious about hiring the best private investigator, it is important that you speak with legal counsel about it beforehand. Marital disputes are fraught with legal issues, and having advice from a lawyer can help limit your exposure. Many attorneys also work with private investigators and may be able to recommend a PI that they have worked with or have heard is reputable. Nationwide Legal Investigations are rated #1 Best Private Investigators in Los Angeles. 


Nationwide Legal Private Investigators specialize in all forms of infidelity cases. Rather than hiring any licensed Private investigator, we have the most experience with marital investigations. 


Commit fully to the investigation. Once you have chosen a PI, the most important thing you can do is commit to the investigation. It is important that you give the PI all of the information you have on your partner from your own monitoring. It is also crucial that you answer any and all questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge. Holding anything back from the PI, even things that incriminate you and your own fidelity, will only hinder the PI and disrupt the investigation. You need to be willing to speak openly with the PI about your situation, and you must be willing to find out the truth!

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