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Insider threats can be a dangerous security threat to businesses and organizations. The onset of IT and data availability in the workplace has made the opportunities easier for insider threats to grow exponentially. An inside attacker is more common than ever and can’t be ignored. Insider threats come from inside the organization, like employees, former employees, business associates, and contractors. These people have specific information about the organization’s practices in security, along with data and computer systems. Your organization could be targeted from the inside.


Sabotage – Anyone in your organization can sabotage your operations. A private investigator can help you understand who has the means along with the motive to do this.
IP Theft – Intellectual property has the highest rate of theft within an employee’s departure within the first 90 days.
Fraud – Fraud is common, but as a cybercrime, it’s on the rise. It is essential that this can come from inside your organization, and you may be vulnerable.

How long have you been exposed? How much damage has been done to your organization? These questions can be hard to answer right away, especially if you don’t have the tools, time, or resources to conduct an in-house investigation. Half of all threats in an organization come from internal employees. They can be either dishonest or disgruntled, but stealing intellectual property or destroying records is easy for an inside employee to do. This can wreak havoc on your digital assets.


• Most aren’t detected on time
• It is often difficult to determine their intent once an insider threat is detected
• It can lead to extensive use of internal resources which can prove costly and you may not have them to do the work
• Shareable evidence of an insider threat is difficult to come by if you don’t know where to look.


You may not have the tools, resources, or even time to conduct an investigation yourself. Nationwide Legal Investigations private investigators do. Our network of licensed private investigators also has access to the latest in computer forensic expertise and surveillance methods that can be used to track down your insider threat.

Nationwide Legal Investigations private investigators on an insider threat case will look to identify patterns in employee behavior. This will help them determine where a breach may have come from, what damage was done, what data was taken, and what person was responsible. An investigator will have the right amount of engagement and will work with you to conduct a forensic analysis of all your computer logs, work processes, work procedures, and email traffic. They will interview employees and other personnel, narrow down any suspects, analyze motives, and figure out where the breach occurred and was carried out.

When it comes to insider threats, your stakeholders will want to know why they happened, how they happened, and how much damage was caused. You need answers quickly, and a private investigator will have the resources and knowledge on how to investigate this type of case.

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