If you are involved in a case that requires service of process in a foreign country, Nationwide Legal Investigations is able to handle the difficult assignment and to ensure that service is effectuated according to all the applicable laws in both countries involved. For an iron-clad service of process in a foreign country, experts in the field are required to take all the steps necessary to prevent the service being quashed.

Most foreign service of process is made in accordance with the 1965 Convention on the Service Abroad of Judicial and Extrajudicial Documents in Civil or Commercial Matters, more commonly known as the Hague Service Convention. Although the Hague Service Convention simplified most aspects of international service of process, the procedures involved are still somewhat convoluted and should be entrusted to skilled process servers with experience in this particular field. We partner with a network of international affiliates who understand their side of the procedure and effect service with the same care and attention to detail we employ in domestic service situations.

The Hague Service Convention has been ratified by 71 countries that cover most of the globe. In the eventuality that you may require service of process in a non-signatory country to the Hague Convention, we are also able to assist you with the highly complex and time-consuming process of letters rogatory sent through diplomatic channels.

At Nationwide Legal Investigations, we are thoroughly versed in every aspect of service of process. No service is too difficult for our expert team to effectuate.

The client should be aware that international service of process is not speedy. For Hague Convention countries, you should expect the procedure to require several months. For countries requiring letters rogatory, the process can typically take up to a year. We do our best to expedite these matters as much as is possible on our end.

If you need to arrange for service of process in a foreign country, please call (877) 493-3463 to speak with a specialist for a free consultation and quote. You may also contact us by email using the convenient form below.

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