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Nationwide Legal Investigations are experts in Litigation Investigations including Civil, Criminal, Employment Labor, and Intellectual Property Matters. 

Evidence also has a trail. Police will provide the proof, banks will offer the information, and depositions are done to collect a witness’s testimony. An attorney, however, needs some extensive information gathering. In a technologically driven culture, witnesses and even evidence can be found offline and online. Many attorneys are using private investigators & private detectives to boost their research, so their litigation is more customized.


Various areas of law can take advantage of a litigation investigation. This is especially true when a case becomes complicated and requires uncovered evidence and even new witnesses. This can help build a more durable case and see a more significant win in the courtroom.

  • Employment and Labor Litigation: Whether an employee or employer is being investigated, this type of investigation is a significant asset to an attorney. This includes misconduct, internal threats, FMLA abuse, theft and fraud, EEOC complaints, violations, misuse of company assets, theft of trade secrets, or a violation of non-compete and non-disclosure agreements. 
  • Criminal Defense Investigation: This can be validating the work performed by law enforcement, whether correcting it or augmenting it is a perfect addition to a criminal defense case. This also includes gathering witnesses, sources, and new evidence for a case.
  • Civil Litigation: These types of investigations services pick up where subpoenas and discovery requests don’t produce sufficient evidence. With this type of investigation, a private investigator can locate any new witnesses, conduct surveillance, interview involved parties, background checks, computer forensic searches, and determine the relationship of the parties involved.
  • Intellectual Property Investigations: Delivering accurate information and having a flexible approach to a case is vital to many areas of law. Proper collection of evidence, along with delivery, is essential to any case. This type of investigation deals with Patents, Trademarks, channel checking, and product diversion.
  • Statement taking and interviews
  • Domestic Surveillance
  • Background Checks
  • Skiptrace & Locate Reports
  • Computer forensics and computer usage verification
  • Asset investigation and analysis

Private Investigators provide a valuable service to attorneys as a supportive supplement to their in-house research. Due to technological advances, investigations are more complicated than ever, and the need for additional expertise is often required.


Under the direction of an attorney, a private investigator provides extensive and thorough information during litigation investigations. A licensed private investigator knows what an attorney needs and what will qualify as proper evidence. They will also conduct an investigation that will provide evidence to be admissible in court.

A Private Investigator has the experience, training, networks, and tools needed. They are also supported by specialists to help with the investigation. Also, a private investigator & private detective will keep all communications and information that has been gathered confidentially. A private investigator will also have a further reach and more capabilities than an attorney’s standard research team. This makes a private investigator a valuable individual for this type of investigation.

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