What do you do when you don’t trust the people you should be able to trust the most?

Are you harboring suspicions about infidelity, misconduct – or even child abuse or criminal activity – on the part of a spouse, partner or other member of your household?

These are impossible fears to live with, and, in situations like these, it’s not only better to know. It’s imperative to know. You can’t live suspecting the people under your very own roof.

Discovering the truth about suspicions and fears like these is the goal of a marital or domestic surveillance investigation. A licensed private investigator will be able to put a team of trained experts on stakeout and surveillance detail in order to observe and to capture photographic and video evidence of the subject engaged you suspect is engaged in illicit or illegal activities.

Nationwide Legal Investigations has been performing marital and domestic surveillance investigations since 1988. We have the equipment, the experience and the skill required to observe from a safe distance and document the actions of a possibly wayward spouse, of lying family members or of dishonest domestic staff. Our stakeout methods are completely ethical and legal, and designed to result in evidence that will be admissible in court. We exercise discretion, capability and confidentiality when performing delicate domestic assignments; the last thing you want in a situation requiring domestic surveillance is someone making a bad situation worse. We know what we’re doing. All you’re going to get from us is the truth.

Please see our pages on video and electronic surveillance for details on how our surveillance operations work. We also have GPS tracking equipment to monitor the location of a subject’s car. If necessary, we can also conduct a cell phone investigation.

If your primary concern is marital infidelity, you may wish to consult our infidelity investigations page for fuller details on how Nationwide Legal Investigations can assist you in those difficult situations.

Not only is it better to know, you have a right to know what is happening under your own roof.

If you believe that our domestic or marital surveillance services may be of benefit to you, please call (877) 493-3463 for a 100% confidential consultation and free quote. Or contact us using the convenient email form below. Our surveillance fee is $95 per hour ($125 per hour outside California, Arizona and Nevada) with a consecutive four-hour minimum.

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