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Hiring a nanny that you can trust with your children is challenging. It’s hard to know if they’ll be responsible enough to care for your kids while you are at work or even out on the town. You will want to see if they’ll be attentive to your children or ignore their basic needs. Will the nanny be reliable or prone to distraction?

With the media reporting stories of nannies gone bad or child abuse, many parents have resorted to hiring a private investigator for nanny investigations. Many families do this before they hire a nanny by having a background check done, or during a nanny’s service in case of suspicious activity. Though many parents hire a nanny for help within the home, what happens outside is usually the most telling.

One of the things a nanny could do that’s genuinely awful is leaving a child unattended while they talk to other people, use their phones, or even enter a store. This, unfortunately, is a common thing along with crossing a street properly with a child safe and comfortable in their stroller. Many private investigators look at all this type of information during nanny investigations so their clients can make a more informed opinion on if they should hire a different nanny or continue employing their current one. There is no such thing as keeping your child too safe. This is especially true if you feel your nanny has betrayed your trust.


Nanny investigations take a couple of forms. One is during the hiring process with a background check and a criminal history search. This is usually standard for many parents, and many professional nannies come into the employment process expecting this. The second type of case is considerably complicated.

If your nanny is suspected of inappropriate conduct or activity, then you may need a private investigator. Types of behavior a private investigator will look into are usually criminal in nature. This may involve stealing, child abuse, sexual abuse, fraud, and even credit card theft.

No matter the crime you may feel your nanny may be committing, a private investigator can give you the peace of mind you need, along with assisting you discreetly and confidentially. This can make a world of difference in providing law enforcement with the evidence they need to make an arrest or a conviction for those involved.


Nannies are there to help you with the challenging task of raising children. Most are fantastic with reputations that proceed them. Others, unfortunately, are bad and use their current vocation for criminal activity. It’s best to be proactive and safe. Use Nationwide Legal Investigations to help screen all prospects for the nanny position. Install cameras in the home to monitor behavior and reactions towards your children. It’s essential to protect your family, but there is nothing wrong with seeking outside help. Especially if you feel something is going on that shouldn’t be.

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