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Having aging family members that need constant help or care is challenging. It is even harder trying to find a nursing home with a solid reputation. Once you chose one with good reviews and met the staff, everything may seem to run smoothly. But what if the care isn’t what it is supposed to be? Many times, even with great reviews, nursing homes aren’t what they claim to be. Even the idea of a nursing home comes with rumors, fears of inadequate care, and even elderly abuse. Also, if you do feel your loved ones are getting abused or their attention is less than what it should be, a complaint to the nursing home’s director may go unheard, or they may not care.


Even if your due diligence is done, bad things can happen. Finding proof can be difficult, especially if you are looking to seek legal action against the nursing home. This is where a private investigator can help. They are skilled at making observations. As a representative of the family, a private investigator can check in on a family member.

Marc J. Tropeano PI and his experienced private investigators are trained to evaluate and find problems in nursing homes. While the person you talked to at your family member’s initial intake may have been charming and friendly, the people who look after your loved one may not be what they seem. To make matters even more complicated, nursing homes are noted to have a high turnover rate.

This leads to lousy care on both a physical and emotional level as low-level employees won’t care as much as you’d like them to. This could mean your loved one is not getting a shower when needed, dirty sheets, health problems, missed meals, and possibly more.


As soon as you feel your loved one is being neglected and your complaints aren’t getting addressed. Mistreatment and harm can happen months down the road, and this can cause a lot of problems for everyone involved. One of the best ways to judge if this nursing home is right for you or if things are getting out of hand is to hire a private investigator right away. Private Investigators can do background checks on the facility and also make unannounced visits.

A private investigator will be able to give you the information on who runs the facility and its history. They can also conduct inspections without any prior notice. This makes it difficult for employees in a facility to anticipate and fix things before an inspection. Private investigators could go during the week, at night, or even on the weekend. They will check the security of the facility along with safeguards that are in place to help the patient. Private investigators also conduct interviews with staff with an examination of amenities.

Concern for your loved ones is essential for their care. A background check may help alleviate some problems and will determine if there were any civil or criminal complaints against them. Don’t leave the care of your loved ones to chance. Hire a Nationwide Legal Investigations private investigator to check up on the nursing home in question and get some peace of mind in making your decision.

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