Aira has been conducting investigations since 2016. She began training under a qualified manager/licensed investigator in 2014, which led the way to an exciting career.

Aira has conducted Sexual Harassment Investigations, obtained Investigative Statements, issued detailed reports of findings, conducted Workers Compensation AOE/COE investigations, Accident Investigations, Wrongful death, Scene Photography, Background Investigations, Witness location, Service of Process, and Public Records Research.

As an investigator, Aira has provided investigative services to civil, criminal, and family law firms, as well as California Superior Court Public Defenders Office, private agencies, and government agencies. Aira has worked as an undercover agent in assignments for employee theft and fraud cases. She has conducted interviews of witnesses, victims, defendants, employees, and management in support of civil, employment, internal risk management, and criminal cases. 

Prior to joining Nationwide Legal Investigations, Aira worked as an Animal Cruelty Investigator for LCA.  

areas of expertise

  • Domestic Case Interviews
  • Undercover Operations
  • Runaways/Missing Persons
  • Legal Investigations

Education & experience

Psychology Major, Bunker Hill Boston, MA

Volunteer Coordinator, Early Childhood Development Center 

Three language Expert, English, Farsi, Swedish

YFC Youth Coordinator, Stockholm

First Place in 2017 Creative Writing & Poetry Exhibition

Speaking Engagements at Center for Domestic Abuse Victims

additional skills

Honing this skill and damn proud of it 

The art of playing the guitar

Honing this skill and damn proud of it 

Half Marathons

Honing this skill and damn proud of it 

Climbing various peaks 

Honing this skill and damn proud of it 

Learning a fourth language


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