Maria is our bi-lingual investigator and direct link to all matters international. Straight from Zacatecas, Mexico, she has conducted many extensive international investigations in recovery of abducted children and runaways worldwide, locating missing persons, sex trafficking cases, infidelity, undercover sting operations, criminal defense investigations and surveillance. 

Maria has worked on civil and criminal cases for attorneys throughout the state of California. She has investigated drugs, burglaries, thefts, robberies, murder, death penalties, domestic matters, and worker’s compensation claims. 

Prior to joining Nationwide Legal Investigations, Maria was implementing her human relation skills at a premiere medical office in Los Angeles.

Areas of Expertise

  • Skip Tracing
  • Missing Persons
  • Marital/Domestic
  • Child Custody

Education & Experience

Humanities major; Pasadena Community College

Center for Creative Arts and Design Award; originality 

Creator and Founder of the project “Teens Against Domestic Abuse”

World Traveler and Liaison in Nicaragua, Mexico, Panama, and South Paulo, Brazil

Neighborhood awards for her unique and flavorful version of Asado de Boda 

Interviewed at Nueve TV for her excellent work as a missing persons advocate

Additional Skills

Honing this skill and damn proud of it 

Plays the Vihuela at all of her weekend family fiestas 

Honing this skill and damn proud of it 

Broke her own personal high speed record on the track at 163 mph

Honing this skill and damn proud of it 

Never misses a yearly trip to Alaska to view the Northern Lights 

Honing this skill and damn proud of it 

Successfully weathered a snowstorm in the Rocky Mountains for 24 hours

Our Proud Accomplishments

Exceptional customer service and attention to detail has sky rocketed us to become one of the leaders in the industry.
Trusted Clients100%
Happy Customers100%
Peace of Mind Obtained 100%
Successful Case Outcomes100%


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