Mark joined Nationwide Legal Investigations in 2015, bringing 10 years of investigative experience and an impressive background in Workers Comp and Child Custody Cases. His precise video documentation skills has been instrumental in resolving a number of domestic issues in courtrooms across the state of California. 

Throughout the years, Mark has developed extensive knowledge of the Southern California region and has personally amassed a wide range of attorney clients who depend on him to personally serve evasive defendants and witnesses of all sorts. He is a professional interviewer and witness statement gatherer and a most welcomed addition to the Nationwide Legal Investigations team.

Prior to joining Nationwide Legal Investigations, Mark was the lead investigator at Walter Johnson and Associates in Moorpark, California. 


  • Undercover
  • Surveillance
  • Infidelity
  • Child Custody

Education & EXPERIENCE

Criminal Justice major; Pierce College

Field Investigator trainee to VP of Operations at WJ&A

Expert Marksman and Cross Bow handler 

Advanced freestyle swimmer and 2017 LA Aquatics Backstroke Champion

Member of America as a civil society book club

Winner of 2019 Master Detective and Techniques Award


Honing this skill and damn proud of it 

Legend of Zelda conqueror 

Honing this skill and damn proud of it 

Biking the Great Western Loop every weekend 

Honing this skill and damn proud of it 

Lead youth advocate at Orange County Youth Hockey League

Honing this skill and damn proud of it 

Began 12 week intensive sushi chef course


Exceptional customer service and attention to detail has sky rocketed us to become one of the leaders in the industry.
Trusted Clients100%
Happy Customers100%
Peace of Mind Obtained100%
Successful Case Outcomes100%


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