Richard is a licensed, professional investigator who brings extraordinary expertise to Nationwide Legal Investigations. In his many years in the investigation business, he has helped solve hundreds of cases in the legal, corporate, and insurance arenas. He has helped attorneys resolve complex criminal, civil, and fraud-related cases and helped corporations in risk assessment, negligent security matters, technical surveillance, and counter measures. 


He is qualified to work with police departments’ intelligence and homicide units, District Attorney’s Investigative Units, and the Federal Public Defender’s office to provide expert technical/investigative assistance in high-profile cases. Early in his career, as a security professional, he championed the use of non-lethal weaponry and the use of voice stress analysis as an alternative to the traditional polygraph in the detection of deception.

Prior to joining Nationwide Legal Investigations, Richard has extensive experience aa an Insurance Investigator 

areas of expertise

  • Difficult Process Service
  • Interviews & Statements
  • Mobile Surveillance
  • Site Checks/Property Inspections

Education & Experience

Master Fraud & Insurance Investigator, School of Life

Expert in the art of Mobile Surveillance

Interview and Transcription Specialist 

Member of the Criminal Forensic Investigators Book Club

Actively training field investigators in surveillance techniques

Speaker at Winchester High School in lie detection and risk assessment

additional skills

Mastering this skill on a daily basis…

Bear & wild game hunting

Mastering this skill on a daily basis…

Everything Forensic Files

Mastering this skill on a daily basis…

Video Editing/Photography

Mastering this skill on a daily basis…

Motorcycle Mechanics 


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