Rory M.

Digital Forensic Examiner


Rory M. is an experienced corporate trainer and digital forensic examiner. He has over ten years of experience conducting sexual harassment investigations, and extensive HR-related investigative experience in sexual harassment, discrimination, diversity, substance abuse, violence in the workplace, fraud/embezzlement, and all forms of employee misconduct.

Rory is a case manager and provides clients with expertise on such topics as sexual harassment, fraud, embezzlement, bribery, theft, vendor fraud, hostile terminations, digital forensics, and many other forms of employee misconduct. Alex has conducted investigations in five U.S. states.


Rory has conducted over 500 investigative background checks including complex backgrounds on key corporate officers and business entities and hundreds of investigative interviews/witness interviews for matters including sexual harassment, fraud, theft, etc.

areas of expertise

  • Cyber harassment/Unauthorized Access
  • Data Exfiltration/IP Theft
  • HR/ internal investigations
  • Sexual harassment

Education & Experience

GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner

Cellebrite CCO Certified Operator

Onsite, Offsite & Remote Forensic Collection

Member of the Criminal Forensic Investigators Book Club

Specializes in Interviews and Undercover Workplace Investigations

Speaker at PIHRA Professionals in Human Resources Association

additional skills

Mastering this skill on a daily basis…

Bear & wild game hunting

Mastering this skill on a daily basis…

Everything Forensic Files

Mastering this skill on a daily basis…

Video Editing/Photography

Mastering this skill on a daily basis…

Motorcycle Mechanics 


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