Vince proudly boasts the title of Coordinator of Field Operations and Surveillance. He brings a passion for utilizing technology to enhance the level of service we can provide our clientele. He brings a level of enthusiasm and commitment to his work that embodies what our company strives to be. The quality of work that Vinny does is one of the reasons people turn to the Nationwide Legal Investigations team.

Vince brings a unique set of qualifications and methods to the table when it comes to developing solutions in any investigation. Vince’ss ten years of experience has allowed him to build an impressive investigator’s tool chest, focusing on criminal investigations, fraud, and reported deception. Proficiency in investigative procedures has allowed Vinny to navigate the course of any investigation efficiently and thoroughly. Vinny has been decorated throughout his career with awards, medals, and commendations for the resolution of difficult situations. 

Prior to joining Nationwide Legal Investigations, Vinny gained much of his experience working for large corporations conducting undercover risk assessment investigations. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Undercover
  • Surveillance
  • High Profile
  • Stalking

Education & Experience

Masters Degree in Philosophy, Dallas, TX 

Expert Field Investigator Trainer

2004 Biblical Convention Orlando Debate Winner

Trained Master Italian Chef

Red Belt in Taekwondo

Speaker at WCBA Investigative Conference 2015

Additional Skills

Honing this skill and damn proud of it 

Mastering the craft of Pizza Dough creation

Honing this skill and damn proud of it 

Avid Reader of International Power Regimes

Honing this skill and damn proud of it 

Half Marathon 2019

Honing this skill and damn proud of it 

White Water Rafter Grand Canyon Whitewater


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