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Our investigators have a wide variety of skills and diverse backgrounds. From start to finish, our seasoned staff goes above and beyond to manage your expectations, remain 100% confidential and update you daily as events unfold on your case. 

About Policy Research 

We offer searches from personal auto to homeowner’s, commercial, and policy existence. 

Nationwide Legal Investigations can provide the liability limits of the at-fault party prior to litigation. Our research can ensure maximum settlements as we utilize multiple software systems to crosscheck all claims information. 

If you do not know the at-fault’s party’s insurance carrier, we are able to search all applicable data relating to the claim to uncover an active insurance policy on the date of loss. If results are found, you will be provided with the insurance carrier, the policy number, and the policy effective dates. 

Terms & Conditions 

NWL is not a direct provider of insurance tracing, policy limit, policy existence search services. NWL uses the expertise of Policy Limit Research to facilitate customers’ requests. Any and all insurance tracing services are provided by and through a third party. NWL does not direct, supervise or oversee the business practices of third-party insurance research companies. These terms and conditions adhere to the terms of services of NWL. In case of any complaints or discrepancies, the terms and conditions mentioned herein will hold priority. 

Our Process

1. Initial Free Case Evaluation

Our agents are on standby 24/7 to provide you with a detailed, comprehensive strategy for all your investigative needs.

2. Investigative Briefing

Once retained, our investigators will be thoroughly briefed on all the details related to your case.

3. Case Management

Our highly skilled agents will handle your matter from start to finish with the utmost professionalism while remaining 100% discreet.

4. Professional Recommendations

At the conclusion of your case and after thorough review, our team will steer you in the right direction whether it be legal or non-legal.

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