Pre-Employment Screening

As an employer, you may be in the business of sensitive information or need an employee that can be trusted. For many employers, a simple background check would suffice, but what if you need a more detailed examination? Hiring a private investigator or private detective to screen potential employees is more important than ever in today’s business. 

Though you can conduct a background check, and even look at references, many of these checks are faulty. Potential employees may lie about their credentials. This can include college education, favorable references, or even family members or friends that will pose as a former employers.

The Department of Commerce states that at least 30% of employees will steal from their place of employment. This is a significant figure, and hiring someone with a troubled employment history or who has the signs of a criminal background can lead to substantial financial losses or stolen trade secrets. It can also lead to medical or harassment lawsuits and money laundering. This is why it has become more critical than ever to conduct pre-employment screening on all potential employees using private investigators.


A licensed private investigator at Nationwide Legal Investigations can conduct a full-scale background screening and investigation into a potential employee. Marc J. Tropeano and his team can see if the person you may want to hire for a financial position has a troubled history of bankruptcy, a driver for a moving company has DUIs and other issues. An investigator can uncover assets and let you know the financial stability and status for potential help with investors.

They can also investigate social media activities and uncover any business interests to make sure that your potential employee is the right fit for your company. With their expertise and know-how, private investigators can also research potential employees’ criminal and civil case histories in case they have a record of lawsuits against past employers for their financial gain.

  • Ensure a safer workplace – You run an ethical business and want your team to be safe. Workplace violence can disrupt your business and open it up to costly liabilities.
  • Find quality employees – You don’t have to limit a pre-employment screening to a criminal background check. You can look at employment history, confirm claims the applicant has made on their resume, and find out if what they say is true.
  • Lower your company’s turnover rate – Bad employees can make for high turnover, which can cost you more money. Whether the applicant has a history of violence or lies on their resume, an in-depth pre-employment screening will reveal their employment nature and help you lower turnover rates in your company.
  • Comply with all legal requirements – Depending on the industry you are hiring for; background checks may be a legal standard. Hiring a private investigator will help with all compliance issues and keep you on the right side of the law. 

Hiring the wrong people is bad for your business. Fortunately, hiring Marc J. Tropeano PI and Nationwide Legal Investigations will significantly reduce the risks you have in hiring the wrong person. A pre-employment screening done by a private investigator will not only save you money but also trouble down the road.

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