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Our investigators have a wide variety of skills and diverse backgrounds. From start to finish, our seasoned staff goes above and beyond to manage your expectations, remain 100% confidential and update you daily as events unfold on your case. 

Public records retrieval is a tedious – but absolutely essential – part of preparing a case for trial. At Nationwide Legal Investigations, our team can handle this onerous task for you. We are skilled at knowing where, when and how to look for records, and can complete the job in a fraction of the time someone outside the investigative community would require.

We are also able to retrieve documents for individuals and businesses in need of information and/or proof of any and all matters of public record. Our rapid turnaround time applies to all record retrieval requests.

Our California team and our nationwide network of affiliates can provide near-immediate access to on-site research of the following public records:

  • Birth and death certificates
  • Board of Equalization records
  • Business licenses
  • Civil litigation records
  • Corporate records
  • County civil and criminal records
  • County sheriff’s department records
  • Divorce records
  • Federal civil and criminal records
  • Fictitious business name filings
  • Limited partnership/limited liability (LP/LLC) records
  • Marriage licenses
  • OSHA (Occupational Security and Health Administration) records
  • Real property transactions
  • SEC and UCC filings
  • Tax liens and judgments
  • S. Patents, trademarks and copyrights
  • Workers’ compensation records

The above list is by no means exhaustive.

The majority of public records retrieval requests can be completed the same business day, including physical document retrieval. We can obtain both certified and non-certified copies of the records you require; please inform our office whether certification is necessary.

The records retrieved can be sent to you (overnight, if necessary) via FedEx or UPS. If your need is more urgent than next-day delivery, we can use one of our affiliated messenger services for rush same-day delivery of your documents.

Our Process

1. Initial Free Case Evaluation

Our agents are on standby 24/7 to provide you with a detailed, comprehensive strategy for all your investigative needs.

2. Investigative Briefing

Once retained, our investigators will be thoroughly briefed on all the details related to your case.

3. Case Management

Our highly skilled agents will handle your matter from start to finish with the utmost professionalism while remaining 100% discreet.

4. Professional Recommendations

At the conclusion of your case and after thorough review, our team will steer you in the right direction whether it be legal or non-legal.

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