Remote Surveillance

While the days of a private investigator sitting in a car with a flashy camera and telephoto lens are far from over, we have turned to new technologies to use in our surveillance arsenal. Nationwide Legal Investigations and Marc J. Tropeano PI private investigators & private detectives utilize advanced techniques like remote surveillance to achieve high-quality footage of a person’s habits, lifestyle, and activities over an extended period of time. 

For a private investigator, not only do we have the legal means to follow and do surveillance investigations, but we have seen the increased use of remote surveillance investigations utilizing hidden cameras in trees, public places, and anywhere it is legal to capture video. This type of surveillance is a smart choice when video documentation of certain activities at a fixed location or address is needed.

Why Remote Surveillance?

Surveillance, in essence, is the close and detailed observation of a place, person, or thing to gather pertinent data that can be used to build a case. This can range from watching a store due to ongoing burglaries or investigating someone who has an insurance claim over a broken leg. In all these cases, technology plays a significant role in allowing private investigators to get the information they need.

Remote surveillance will use stationary platforms that will fit with the external environment. This is to help accomplish discreet, legal, and useful video recording during an investigation. These units are made to capture video of a particular building, house, or another area like traditional surveillance. They are designed for long-term use and can be legally admitted in court cases of all sorts. 

If you need an individual under surveillance for an extended period, like a few days or weeks, then remote surveillance will not only save you money but still get you the evidence you need. Remote surveillance is a 24/7 service that eliminates manned surveillance. It is a useful tool for establishing someone’s patterns, their comings, and goings, and will remove the guesswork from scheduling manned surveillance activities.

Types of Remote Surveillance:

While everyone loves the technology that is usually found in James Bond movies or other spy movies, a lot of this technology is available to private investigators today.

Pinhole cameras
Stealth drones
Hidden Cameras

Surveillance has taken a forward direction in leaps and bounds with new technology that allows us as private investigators to gather the information you need so you can make your case in court, whether for a civil investigation or criminal investigation. Keep in mind that your private investigator should be licensed to do these types of surveillance investigations and have the necessary experience as well.

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