Nationwide Legal Investigations & Marc J. Tropeano PI are experts in Scam Investigations. Whether by email, phone, or mail, you may have received one or all of these as an attempt to gain your personal information. While we can joke about the Nigerian prince as we’ve all got an email from him promising millions, we also know this type of scam is easy to spot. But every scam isn’t so easy. In today’s digital age, scammers have upped their game and are enlisting tech-savvy individuals to help them in their quest to get your money. 

Some have built pages that resemble your bank accounts login page, some look like genuine charities, and others just prey on the elderly. It is essential to know what to look for in case you are presented with an offer that’s too good to be true.

Types of Scams

Scams come in many forms. Some of them are difficult to tell from the real thing, and unless you’re relatively discerning, you may find yourself falling for a scam. Here are some scams that you should look out for.

  • Coronavirus scams – Scammers use misinformation and scare tactics to get your money.
  • Telephone scams – Scammers will try to get your personal information. Usually, use opportunities like money investments, product trials for free, free grants, or threats of lawsuits.
  • Banking scams – These scams try to access your bank account.
  • Government grant scams – Scammers ask for checking information by guaranteeing grants for college or home repairs with a “one-time processing fee.”
  • Investment scams – Usually someone is lured in with a promise of a high return with no financial risk.
  • Lottery and sweepstakes scams – Scammers use fake lotteries, sweepstakes, or other contests to get your personal information.
  • Charity scams – Fake organizations are used to take advantage of you or the public’s generosity.
  • Pyramid and Ponzi schemes – Usually need a constant flow of participants to keep them going. Usually called marketing programs. Ponzi schemes are a unique type of investment fraud.
  • Ticket scams – A scammer will use tickets as bait to get your money. Selling of fake tickets and accessible when popular events sell out.

Why Hire a Private Investigator?

Like all other types of fraud, scams have cost the American economy over $190 billion in the past year. A private investigator uses computer forensics and other tools to collect evidence against the suspected parties. A private investigator’s forensic expertise allows them to do background checks, asset searches, and in-depth internet investigations to track down the individuals responsible for the scam so you can recover your assets.

A private investigator will use their skills and knowledge to follow the path of the scammer and help you build a case for civil or criminal law and bring a strong finish to your case. While no one wants to admit they were a victim of a scam, a private investigator will help you in confidence and work discreetly in your favor. They’ll use state-of-the-art technology to help bring the individual(s) to justice by working with law enforcement. We are the best in the business. Don’t get taken advantage of!

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