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Approaching sexual harassment investigations takes experience due to the extremely sensitive nature of the case. Getting to the truth of the matter takes a certain detachment as the allegations are highly emotional in nature. While many employers have taken a step to educate their employees on sexual harassment and have even implemented policies and strategies, it can & does still happen. A lot of times, the person being harassed may see no outlet to file a complaint as getting the evidence to support their case may seem slim or fear no one will believe them.

Though many sexual harassment investigations are handled on the lower end of the corporate ladder, many high-profile cases show many companies aren’t doing enough. This can lead to emotional damage, lawsuits, and even reputation damages. Sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual advances, requests for favors of a sexual nature, and physical or verbal harassment of a sexual kind.

Sexual harassment is a chronic pattern that also includes continual propositions, innuendos, double entendre, coercion, exposure to elicit media, and even actual threats. Many times, sexual intimidation, pressure, or coercion will be a civil issue that can often result in a civil matter. Other times, especially in cases of physical contact occurring or with a threat, it can be considered a criminal offense.

A private investigator will handle your sexual harassment investigation with the sensitivity and discreetness that you need. Whether the harassment is at your workplace, school, or other organization, a private investigator or private detective can handle a diversity of assignments. They can also help you gain the evidence you need to bring either a civil or criminal case against the person harassing you. Since this is a complicated and sensitive issue, a private investigator can uncover, document, and even testify to what was done to their client. This helps stop victimization as well.

Techniques Used by Private Investigators in a Sexual Harassment Investigations can include:

Surveillance – This allows the private investigator to witness any harassment in real-time. They will see it as it happens.

Hidden cameras and microphones – This will allow a private investigator not only to listen in but also to view the harassment first-hand from a hidden location. These can be recorded and entered as evidence during legal proceedings.

Interview witnesses – A private investigator can interview potential witnesses and get signed statements for additional verification of any harassment.

Mental health interview – A private investigator can have the victim interviewed by a mental health professional to document all psychological consequences of the harassment.

After all, the evidence is collected, you will be able to move forward with any lawsuits or contact law enforcement for any possible criminal actions that happened during the complaint. With the evidence provided by your private investigator, many of these cases are open and shut, which can lead to a positive outcome for the victim. It is essential to hire a licensed private investigator. They will have the experience and know-how to get the evidence you need so you can move forward in life and your career.

Nationwide Legal Investigations has built a system that not only gets the preparation done quickly but also leaves adequate time to get the information you need in an efficient and expedited fashion. If you have suspicions, contact us immediately. We are on your side and ready to assist you in putting this unfortunate situation behind you. 

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