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Stalking is a serious crime that needs to be taken more serious. When you hear the word “stalking” people often laugh it off, but it actually is a crime that could put people’s lives in danger. Stalking involves but isn’t limited to repeatedly watching someone, following them, monitoring their actions, or even harassing them. There are two types of stalking: there is Cyber-stalking which is a type of stalking that happens online, and there is in-person stalking such as: being follow, monitored, harassed. Cyberstalking allows perpetrators to use technology by itself to stalk a victim, or in conjunction with an ongoing pattern of conventional stalking.

Being stalked is very stressful and frightening especially when you don’t know who the person is or what their intentions are

A private investigator’s job is to follow your stalker and see what they’re up to. We can also find out exactly who the stalker is through our advanced technology. In the United States alone, over 3 million people are stalked, with the highest age group being 18-24 years old. Stalking is strongly correlated to sexual assault and domestic violence. Approximately 1 in 6 women (16.2%) and 1 in 19 men (5.2%) in the United States have been victims of stalking.

The objective of stalking investigations is to protect the client’s physical and mental well-being, find out who the stalker is and stop the commission of this offence. Nationwide Legal Investigations will identify the stalker and collect evidence of the criminal behavior.

Where to Begin 

We are here to help you find piece of mine. Stalking can be very dangerous and stress inducing. If you or someone you know is a victim please call, email, or fill out the forum below to begin the steps to resolve this chapter of your life. 

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4. Professional Recommendations

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