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Our licensed private investigators have a wide variety of skills and diverse backgrounds. With 30+ years of experience, we have an excellent track record of providing high quality investigation services. From start to finish, our knowledgeable, discreet, and detail oriented staff goes above and beyond to manage your expectations, remain 100% confidential and update you daily as events unfold on your case. 

We rely on the best investigative technology and techniques, and comply with the industry’s leading standards for surveillance, locating, record search, and process services. 

Nationwide Legal Investigations understands that obtaining accurate and thorough statements from witnesses can make the difference between winning and losing a court case. We can interview your witnesses and take their statements. Our witness interviews are conducted either in person or by telephone. Both options are legally acceptable.

Our skilled interviewers have been extensively trained in evidentiary law, and take the strictest care so that any statement they take will be admissible in court

What kinds of formal witness statements can be used in court?

Do informal witness statements work in the courtroom?

An informal witness statement is one that hasn’t been prepared beforehand. For example, giving an oral explanation directly to the judge is an informal witness statement. Our experts don’t recommend the informal statement because it’s best to come to the courtroom prepared. As an all-in-one private investigation company, we can help you through every stage of litigation no matter the jurisdiction.

What if I need help locating a witness?

If you need help finding a witness to produce a statement for your trial, we can help you search and locate a witness by doing a skip trace. We understand that they’re skipping out on an opportunity to create your justice, which is why we go above and beyond for every client on each assignment.

Which type of witness statement is right for my jurisdiction?

In addition to the case’s jurisdiction, we’ll also consider your specific case type among other factors when making suggestions. We commonly create witness statements for the following case types:


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