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Unclaimed property needs its rightful owner. In California alone, more than $300 million of unclaimed property has been returned to those who live in the state. This is due to over 850,000 individual claims. That is a lot of property that would’ve otherwise been left unclaimed. You may have something in your name that you have forgotten about or need to claim but are unsure how to do it. That is where a private investigator comes into play.

What is Unclaimed Property?

From a legal perspective, this is a category of common law that deals with your personal property. This property has left the possession of the rightful owner but has never entered the possession of another. To put it simply, it is money or property that you have forgotten about.

Unclaimed Property Forms

  • Unclaimed pay from a former employer
  • Insurance payouts from policies of deceased relatives that were left unclaimed
  • Security deposits from a house or apartment you rented
  • The inheritance you never claimed
  • A tax refund you never cashed
  • Contents in a bank safety deposit box that was never picked up
  • You have money in a dormant checking, savings, or money market account
  • Brokerage accounts with bonds and stocks that you never closed

Let’s face it, you or your family deserves their unclaimed property. Unrecovered property or money needs its rightful owner. Here are some facts about unclaimed property:

  • It is estimated that 1 out of 10 people have unclaimed property
  • There is nearly $58 billion in unclaimed property and money
  • Their rightful owners ever recover only 5% of these unclaimed properties

How Can a Marc J. Tropeano PI and Nationwide Legal Investigations help?

Our licensed private investigators in California can conduct research into financial matters and track down money that may belong to you. We are qualified in the latest technology and computer forensics that will assist them in achieving the information needed. Private investigators will also be familiar with the Department of Revenue, State Treasury, Comptroller, State Controller, along with other financial administrators. They will also be accustomed to working with the Attorney General’s office and the State Tax Commission to get the information needed.

Private investigators will know where to look, where to begin, and what paperwork needs to be filled out if necessary. A private investigator is experienced in the process of unclaimed property. We have the tools and equipment required and will keep your information confidential and discreet.

Locating these funds or property can be time-consuming and costly if you don’t know where to start or look. It may also take resources that you don’t have or even have access to. Plus, a private investigator will also have connections in this area of expertise that help you get the information you need to claim the property or money you forgot about or inherited. They will do all the footwork so you can continue with life and not sacrifice any unnecessary time trying to do it yourself. We are rated the #1 Private Investigator in Los Angeles and beyond. 

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4. Professional Recommendations

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