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Most employers want a workplace that is calm but with a sense of energy. They want productivity and even some lighthearted seriousness. Employers also want a safe work environment, and employees they can trust. This can be from a new hire in the mailroom to a top-level executive with years of experience. For many employers, dealing with employee misconduct, harassment, theft, accidents, and even trade-secret issues, there is a temptation for many employees not to do the right thing.

No matter where they are on the corporate ladder, an employee can have a bad day. Unfortunately, some are problems that are deep-seated and challenging to overcome. This can be possible theft of trade secrets, hacking into the company’s intranet or network, and even proving an employee is misbehaving. This is where a workplace investigation comes into play.

How a Private Investigator Can Help

Your human resources department can handle some workplace issues. Others, on the other hand, are too big or require more attention than your HR manager can handle or have time to deal with. Hiring a private investigator will allow you the time and resources to conduct a workplace investigation so you can continue with the business. After all, time is money, and taking time away from your company can hurt the bottom line.

A private investigator can conduct extensive background checks. These will go deeper than a standard check and will help you get a more unobstructed view of your current employment or one that may potentially come on board. If an employee has a troubled past, it may be that this history is repeating itself.

Private Investigators are licensed and trained in surveillance and are masters at information gathering. They can watch your security footage and pick out specific types of behavior that may prove a red flag. This also extends to watching an employee in real-time as well. The need for discretion and confidence is essential and an investigator has you covered in that area as well.

What about New Technology? 

If your problem involves an employee and computer or digital issues, a private investigator is trained in this area. Many private investigators are computer forensic experts & skilled at analyzing computer data. They can find spyware, tracking software, and even logged into a terminal last. This can be a book for any organization that has to worry about trade secrets being stolen or threats of employee embezzlement.

Another aspect of hiring a private investigator for a workplace investigation is that they could uncover more than one person who is causing your company problems. If you suspect one or if there is the possibility of more than one employee causing issues, a private investigator can find this out.

Protecting your workplace is just the same as protecting your assets and financial interests. It also makes for a better environment for those employees who have a good work ethic and want to do a good job. Workplace Investigations can be a delicate process, but having a private investigator on board will help keep things discrete and going smoothly.

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